Hello, I'm point 8 percent

Point who now?

point 8 percent. 0.8%. However you put it, it’s a tiny number. But a very important one.

There’s roughly three hundred and twenty six million trillion gallons of water on our little planet. That’s 326 followed by 18 zeros. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But when you consider that 97.5% of that is salty sea water, and that 1.7% is frozen in glaciers and ice caps, it doesn't leave much.

Just 0.8% to be precise. point 8 percent of all the water on earth, available for us to drink and use, from surface and groundwater.

Water is life

My name reminds me of how precious this little planet is and how we need to look after it.

I was created to help us all remember how nice this little planet is, and how much we all need it. But also because none of us can look after it all on our own. Let’s enjoy it and look after it together, shall we?
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