I'm a paper based carton,

and I'm 100% recyclable

Check me out.

That’s right – I’m 100% recyclable. More importantly, I’m made from 67% renewable material - natural resources that are replenished to avoid depletion. That’s because most of me is paperboard, made from nature’s very own renewable raw material – wood. And my cap is made out of sugar cane, believe it or not. The rest of me is made from polymers and aluminium, which helps to keep my water tiptop – fresh and nice to drink.

I’ve got so much more to give

When you’ve finished with me, please, PLEASE recycle me. Our little planet’s resources are running out – and recycling is one of the ways we can help to look after what’s left, reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill, and even shrink our carbon footprint.

It’s getting easier to recycle me – right now, 94% of the UK’s councils collect me. 68% collect me from your home with the rest of your recycling, and 26% will take me from your local recycling point too.
To recycle me, just squash me right down, put my cap back on, and send me on another adventure. My paperboard can be made into cardboard tubes and cores – so I might come back inside your paper towel, or used to hold your hot chocolate or gravy. And my polymers and aluminium might be turned into garden furniture or building materials.
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Watch my journey...

A little better for our little planet.

It’s not just what I’m made of that makes me a little bit better. Because of the way I’m made, less energy is needed to make me. And because my carton is light and square-shaped, I’m efficient to transport – which means fewer trucks are needed to deliver me.

What that means is that much less carbon dioxide is released to make me, than other types of packaging – about a third less than a PET plastic bottle, and half that of a glass bottle.

So I've got 67% more renewable material than a plastic bottle. But I will be completely honest – I know I’m not a completely environmentally-friendly solution. Not yet anyway. But with my packaging partner Tetra Pak, I’m constantly trying to get better.

Proud to work with Tetra Pak

I’m very fond of Tetra Pak – my packaging partner. They are the world leader in food and drink packaging solutions, with over 65 years’ experience and a big focus on sustainability.

They use the idea of the circular economy to reduce waste, reuse materials, and regenerate natural systems. They are always trying to develop clever new ideas to look after our little planet.
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